When you don't want to spend time fixing your nails every few days, acrylics are a lifesaver. A good set of acrylics can last between six and eight weeks, although you may need infills during that time at two-to-three-week intervals. If you want to make sure you get more wear for your money, there are some simple tips for you to follow after your trip to the nail salon.

Choose a Reputable Salon

Although anybody can buy the kit a nail technician needs to fit acrylics, not everyone has the skill. It's important to find a nail salon where all the staff have the right training. Don't be afraid to ask for proof of qualifications before you make an appointment.

Make sure the salon you choose maintains excellent hygiene standards too. Nail bed infections can cause your acrylics to lift earlier than you would like, or you may need to remove them for safety purposes. Because of this, a hygienic salon is an absolute must.

Don't Skip Your Infills

Even when your nails grow, the acrylics themselves will cling to them. But they won't look as aesthetically pleasing as they originally did and, you won't get as much wear from them.

Depending on the length of your natural nail growth cycle, you may need to go for infills every two to three weeks. Maintaining regular infills keeps your acrylics strong and stops early breakages.

Use Your Nails Wisely

Of course, your nails will come into contact with other surfaces while you have acrylics in place. Just make sure you're using them wisely.

For example, when you're typing at a computer, make sure you're using the pads of your fingers rather than the acrylics themselves. Wear gloves if you're washing dishes and don't use them as tools in any way. By being gentle with your acrylics, you can avoid early breakages that require a replacement.

Maintain Healthy Nail Beds

Your acrylics depend heavily on you having a healthy nail bed that will support them. Maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle and moisturising your cuticles will go a long way towards keeping them strong.

If you're really serious about boosting your nail bed health, make sure you take supplements too. With the right blend of vitamins and minerals, you may be able to make your nails stronger so that your acrylics last longer.

With a little dedication and the right maintenance, your acrylics will look fabulous for longer. All you need to do is find the right nail salon to fit them.