Many beauty supply stores sell the equipment and materials you need to give yourself a good manicure at home, so you might wonder why you should pay a professional to tend to your nails for you. While you can certainly buff or polish your nails on your own, and make them look relatively attractive, there are some good reasons why you might want to have a professional handle an actual manicure, and tend to your nails on a regular basis. Note a few of those reasons here, so you know your nails are always healthy and looking their best.


A nail fungus develops when the nail holds moisture that doesn't dry, and a fungus then develops. A nail fungus may be more likely to occur on the toenails, as these don't have as much chance to dry as fingernails, but this fungus can also develop on the fingernail beds. If you cut the skin around the nail, the cuticle, or the nail itself, and this area holds moisture, or if you fail to properly dry the nail before adding a tip or other materials, this can allow a fungus to grow. If left untreated, this fungus can spread and even cause you to lose a nail! A professional nail technician will know how to properly file nails and apply tips so that a fungus won't develop, which then keeps the nails healthier overall.

Nourishing nails

You may not think that nails need to be nourished, but moisturizing the nails can allow them to grow longer and stronger, and help prevent hangnails and split nails. A professional nail technician will usually soak your nails as part of your treatment, to get them thoroughly clean and to allow them to absorb nutrients and hydration. This will mean nails that look good naturally, and which are very healthy.

Removing product

If you add product to your nails, such as tips or any type of wrap, you want to ensure that product is removed properly during each manicure. Old acrylic or glue can hold germs and bacteria, and can also soften and weaken the nail bed.

You don't want to just file away this old product, as that can mean filing away some of the nail itself, and soaking the nails in solution for too long can also damage the nails and your skin. A professional nail technician will be able to easily remove old product, while also keeping the nails safe and healthy and ready for new tips.