Acrylic nails come with a whole host of benefits that make them the ideal artificial nail option for plenty of women. If you think you might want to go for new nails, here are just five signs that you want to go for acrylic.

1. You Have Weak Nails

Unfortunately, some women suffer from quite weak or brittle nails. If this is the case, you might find that some nail treatments aren't suitable since they can easily break off. However, acrylic nails are different. They are extremely durable, and they cover the whole of the natural nail to create a tough outer sheath that will put up with all kinds of stress.

2. You Chew Your Nails

For people who have never chewed their nails, it seems like this would be a fairly easy habit to put a stop to. However, it can really be hard to prevent nail moving towards mouth when you're stressed or bored. Luckily enough, acrylic nails can help. For starters, they are very hard, meaning that they are extremely tough to chew off. Additionally, the fact that it is harder for the teeth to chew into them helps curtail the habit since it is not as satisfying.

3. You Have a Limited Budget

For many women, having their nails done is a luxury that sometimes needs to be dropped if a large number of bills come in or something else needs to be saved for. After all, nail treatments are a relatively easy luxury to give up for a month or two. However, you can prevent the need to do so by sticking with acrylic nails. Where treatments such as shellac can be relatively expensive, acrylic nails are much more cost-effective. They also last longer than other options, such as gel nails, and can be fixed at home using quite cheap tools.

4. You Want the Coolest Designs

When you pick out a type of nail treatment, there's far more to consider than practicality.  Yes, acrylic nails are very tough and nicely cost-effective, but they also allow you to experiment with the most interesting designs. Since the artificial nail is placed right over the real nail, and since the artificial nail is very strong, you can have small rhinestones added or very complex designs created.

5. You Want to Grow Your Nails

Finally, acrylic nails are ideal for women who currently have quite short nails and want to grow them out again. The acrylic nail will be placed over the natural nail, but that won't prevent the natural nail from growing. Instead, it will simply grow underneath, protected from any wear by the acrylic layer above. When the acrylic nails are removed, you'll have long and beautiful natural nails to work with.