It's not a great idea to wear a full face of makeup to the gym as it tends to run as you start to sweat. Equally, as you work out and the pores open up, it gives the skin a fresh and healthy glow, but if you are wearing makeup, this ends up trapping makeup in the pores which can lead to clogging.

Here are some tips to keep you looking great at the gym.

Eyelash tinting

Rather than wearing mascara that can run during exercise, especially if you tend to dab your face with a towel, you can get your eyelashes tinted. Getting your eyelashes tinted in a salon lasts for a few weeks with no touchups and gives your lashes a dark tint even when you aren't wearing makeup. This naturally opens up the eyes and creates a more awake and youthful appearance. It only takes a few extra minutes during your normal salon treatments and can be a great way to achieve a natural and pretty look. 

Eyebrow tinting and waxing

Eyebrows can also help to emphasise the eyes and create a strong and youthful look to your face. They can also be tinted and waxed at a salon so that you look great as you workout, which means you don't need to apply waxes, powders or other brow products to get the shape and fullness that you like. Getting a salon to apply the dye and wax can help to get a flattering and even shape on your eyebrows, which can be harder to do on your own face. 

Regular facials and skin care products

In order to have naturally glowing skin, it can be useful to get regular facials. These can help to remove dead skin, improve skin texture and allow the benefits of your exercise routine to shine through. Many people find gentle exfoliation a great way to get their ideal skin complexion. This can minimise the need for face products such as concealer and foundation, as well as highlighting products. Regularly applied skin care products such as moisturiser can also improve skin texture. 

Making regular trips to the beauty salon can be a good way to achieve effortless beauty all through the day including during your gym workouts. No matter what your skin concerns or facial issues are, it can be worth chatting to your beauty therapists and getting their advice on the best ways to improve your confidence when makeup-less.